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About Amazon Reptile Center

Amazon Reptile Center Named Best Reptile Store in Los Angeles!
Out of the hundreds of stores that sell reptiles in the LA Metro area, Los Angeles Magazine chose Amazon Reptile Center as the "Best in LA". The magazine's editors bestowed this honor upon Amazon's owners during an evening reception at the Petersen's Automotive Museum on Wednesday July 23rd.

The magazine writes, "Everybody knows Hollywood is full of snakes - the two legged variety- but where can you find a friendly reptile, a Cuban land iguana, say, or a Korean Firebelly toad? Amazon Reptile Center in Montclair has been buying and selling creatures like these since 1999, when Mike Enyeart and Scott Solar pooled decades of experience (Enyeart was a pet store manager and Solar a dealer) by opening this bright, laboratory clean shop that caters to neophytes, breeders and does a thriving mail-order business. The stock is healthy, mite free, and customers praise Amazon's follow through and quality control."

Mike and Scott formed Amazon Reptile Center in an effort to be the store they as specialists would buy from. A clean, friendly environment filled with a knowledgeable staff is their goal.

A full 400K press release (*.doc format) can be found here. It contains a scan of the magazine and the award. Other Los Angeles Magazine articles.

Please feel free to contact ARC if you have any questions.

Contact: Mike Enyeart

Amazon Reptile Center
8851 -H Central Ave
Montclair, Ca. 91763
(909) 447-5103

Store hours
Mon-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5 PST

Amazon Reptile Center Store


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